LAN1 to WAN1 and LAN2 to WAN2

  • Hi. I'm making a router/firewall with pfsense. I have this scenario:
    WAN1 x.x.x.x default gatway
    WAN2 y.y.y.y
    The LAN1 go out with WAN1 without problem. The LAN2 don't go out with WAN2.
    The ping in diagnostin from WAN2 to is ok.
    Can you help me please?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well what rules did you put on lan2 firewall tab. Had you messed without automatic nat?

    What gateway is wan 2 suppose to use? Did you forward your lan2 traffic out this gateway via a firewall rule?

  • I make a rule in firewall/nat/outbound
    interface WAN2
    source port *
    destination *
    destination port *
    nat address WAN2 address
    nat port *
    And in rules lan2
    accept protocol any source any destination WAN2 net

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Outbound NAT does not route traffic. It only determines what NAT is done on traffic routed out that interface by the routing table / policy routing, etc.

    You need to policy route LAN2 traffic out WAN2 using policy routing on the LAN2 rules (setting WAN2 as the gateway).

    accept protocol any source any destination WAN2 net

    pass protocol any source LAN2 net dest any gateway WAN2

  • Timoteo test this setting and I will say to youcolored text

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