Always need to release/renew cable modem dhcp lease

  • Hey,

    I had the exact same problem with my old dlink router, which led me to use pfsense. Worked for a month and now the problem is back.

    Before, I had to release and renew my dhcp lease (or reset router) to my cable modem every two days because I'd loose my internet connection. The router was still working fine, not frozen or anything but internet would just not work. The cable modem status was all normal.

    With pfsense, I've had this happen three times in the last week. pfsense is not crashed, everything seems to work but no internet. Internet does not work from computers on the network or on pfsense itself (ping does not work).

    Any one has any idea what could be causing this?



  • Two things to consider:

    1. Look at the logs from pfSense to see what the DHCP client is logging - this may give you more information

    2. If it's happening with 2 completely different devices, it's probably nothing you can fix.  The problem lies with the ISP (the cable modem or the DHCP servers I'd guess).

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