Pfsense 2.4.2 Error status

  • Greetings All.

    I am a complete novice to All this, plse take it easy :) lol.

    Today on my firewall which is a PFsense 2.4.2 is giving me problems. I am unable to log into my WebGui. Something has changed and im not sure what all this means or if an update has caused this error. Is there a way to undo/disable/remove or go back?
    Internet works fine. From all my search its either the HDD or the Bios but it doesnt make sense as howcome i can still get internet access?
    Can any1 help me with this?

    Plse accept my apologies if i am in the wrong thread or Distro.

    I have attached a screen shot im getting on my PFsense Box.

    Thank you once again. Much appreciated.

  • 0_1531335567342_unnamed.jpg

    Please find error image

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Looks like failing storage.

  • UNC = uncorrectable error, it's very likely that you disk is close to failing totally. Back up your configuration ASAP (if at all possible), get a new disk and do a reinstall followed by a restore of your configuration.

    If you're unable to back up the configuration and you don't have a recent backup available it might be possible to rescue the configuration from the failing disk during the install, attach both the old and the new disks when re-installing on the new disk and let the pfSense installer try to locate the configuration, I think the option is called rescue or something like that.

  • Greetings . Here is my Update.

    I landed up replacing the HDD, All is now back up and running. Thank you once again.

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