pfsense DyDNS set up

  • I got a domain from namecheap. I set up an A+ Dynamic DNS in the record as well enabled Dynamic DNS.
    Inside of Pfsense I have these settings

    Service type: Namecheap
    Interface: WAN
    Hostname: @ | mydomain.tdl
    username: namecheap user
    password: namecheap pass

    pfsense is showing green that the info is up to date with namecheap. But when I go into the records in namecheap, nothing is showing up to date. I am able to ping the website and remotely log in, so I know its working for now but no records are updating. Below is the image from namecheap. Is everything working as should? or am I missing something


    0_1531336320297_DNS 2.PNG

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    With Namecheap you do not use the username and password for your account. Leave the username blank, and the password is the API token you received in the Namecheap web interface when you enabled Dynamic DNS for your domain.

  • @jimp Thanks!

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