Installing Pfsense on Soekris 5501 with SATA drive

  • Hey

    I just installed pfSense on a Soekris 5501 (with BIOS version 1.33). I put the 2.5" SATA drive at a computer and installed pfSense that way, afterwards I connected the drive to the Soekris and booted. I have a connection to my computer from the Soekris via a Seriel cable. The connection speed is 9600 8NI baud. The Soekris boots up just fine (i guess). The reason why I don't know is that I can see the Soekris counting up RAM and showing the BIOS details, but when it starts booting pfSense it looks weird, I think it is because I have to change the baud speed, but I have tried them all and it still doesn't work.

    The reason why I have to see it boot is that I need to go to the menu "Setting up interfaces" because the installation only knows about the old interfaces (the ones from the computer on witch the harddrive was connected during installation). Is there any other way to have pfSense searching for new interfaces or can I connect the harddrive to the computer I used to install pfSense again, boot it up (because then it boots fine) and then go to some sort of system file or the web interface and tell pfSense to delete all known interfaces?

    But then again, if I do so I still need to set up the interfaces when I connect the harddrive to the Soekris again.
    The interfaces installed in pfSense is now "ra0" and "rel0" which corrosponds to the interfaces on the computer the harddrive was connected to during installation of pfSense.


  • I've got it working :)

    There was an error with grub so I did a new install without that and now it is working. Now it is time to play with some of the nice packages ;)

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