Port Forwarding Camera DVR ports behind router

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    I had a basic setup of PF Sense 2.3.5 with 2 ethernet port, one LAN and one WAN. Problem is with the port forwarding, and there is a confusion.

    1. Since the outside Internet is connected first with the ISP supplied router, and after that I have setup the PFSense Firewall. Before the installation of the firewall, the router was port forwarded the wan ip, targeting to the desired internal IP. I have changed the both the IPs of WAN and LAN aka 192.168.6.X and 192.168.5.X series.

    2. So the question is what should now I do, whether I port forward the router pointing to the PFsense wan IP, and from that again port forward firewall to the LAN internal ip. Or something else. I donnot want to disturb the setting such as setting the isp supplied router in bridge mode.

  • Bridge mode is the best and easiest solution in most minds.. If you do not then you have to port forward your first "ISP" router to your pfsense router.

    Remember that most here are volunteers and do this on their own free time. No one is obligated to help anyone else. A simple "Bump" of your original post is usually best over a complaint of no help. :)

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    A VPN is almost always a better option than forwarding ports in to devices like that.

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    Sorry for such late reply, was busy in some work.

    1. Tried out port forwarding the ISP router to the PFSense, and then port forwarding the PFSense ports to the required destination. But some how fails and could not understand the reason, nor I am able to debug. May be I am doing some mistake but what is the question??

    2. We have 2 DVR device, one the newest have the feature of setting the clients with the simple QR code scan, and works on P2P, strangely, it works flawlessly, and PFSense didn't interfere any connection. The other one is the old one, with no such feature. And that's the problem, since our company GM is getting angry over it.

    3. Will look at the VPN method and I think it is much more secure one also.

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    If your GM wants this stuff to work he should:

    1. Get you something instead of some cockamamie double-NAT setup.
    2. Insist you use a VPN since it is the correct choice.

    Else we will need to see the upstream configuration of the ISP router and probably the port forward that works and the one that doesn't.

    PFSense didn't interfere any connection.

    How do you know it's pfSense interfering and not something else that's still wrong?

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