Phase 1 Proposal (Encryption Algorithm)

  • Hi All,

    I wonder if anyone can help.

    I am trying to set up a Site-to-Site VPN.
    However on one of my NETGATE(pfsense) routesr it appears that the Encryption Encryption Algorithm is missing for example if i select AES , i have no key legnth displayed.
    Compared to the second PFSense it has key length.

    I am struggling to get them to communicate correctly, i am not sure if this is responsible but i'm sure it plays a part.

    Also on one it displays certificate on one that doesn't have key length and no on the other.

    Both boxes are SG-1300 and both have the latest firmware installed.


  • Netgate

    You will probably need to post screen shots.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sounds like

    Use a different browser with a better rendering engine for the moment, or apply the commit from the ticket and try again.

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for you response.

    First of all please accept my apologies for my appalling grammar and spelling in my original post. My brain must have been frazzled.

    I have sorted it by using a different browser (chrome) why i didn't try this initially i have no idea.