Send a File to Other System

  • Hello, I need to retrieve the arp table from pfsense and send it to other system, my idea was to have a batch running "arp -a" and writing the output to a file that I would send to other system.

    I think that I would prefere to push a file from pfSense so that I don't have to give ssh permissions to other users. The problem is where do I put the private key to give root the ability to scp to other system? Is this possible?

    Another solution would be to publish the content in the pfSense webserver, but I would prefere to do that as a last resource so that I don't have the arp table open to all pc's on the network.

    Thank You

  • Netgate Administrator

    You probably want a variation on this:

    Never tried it myself but 30secs Googling turned up this likely suspect:

    You should be able to get suitable command setup from that to write out the arp table to remote system directly I would have thought.

    Edit: Tested. Mostly works. Should be adaptable to your needs.


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