Belkin F5D5055ED no network plug detected

  • Belkin F5D5055ED is in the supported hardware list, so i bought two of them to create a dual wan router with an EEE Box B202.

    My problem: the system FreeBSD7 doesn't see if a network cable is plugged in, so they don't work.

    Does anyone have the same problem? I would like to know your solution.


  • You haven't given much information for readers to work with. Is a EEE Box B202 one of those small form factor PCs based on the Intel Atom CPU? If so, I assume  the Belkin FD5055ED is some sort of USB to Ethernet adapter. (The small form factor boxes don't generally have two or more PCI slots.)

    Belkin, Dlink, Netgear and Linksys (among others) have adopted the practice of using the same model number for devices with a number of different chipsets, so when you see a device from one of those manufacturers in the supported hardware list of an open source operating system it may mean that SOME device with the model number in the supported hardware list will work; unfortunately it doesn't mean ALL devices with the model number in the supported hardware list will work.

    What appears on the pfSense console when the Belkins are plugged in?

    If my guess was wrong and they are PCI devices, please post the output of the dmesg command?

    What have you connected to these devices?  Does the "link active" indicator in the device at the other end of the cable come on?

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