Licenceing Clarifcation

  • Did email BSD Perimeter regarding this but not had a response yet.

    I'm interested in using pfSense in a technical trial however this would I believe count as commercial use as it would be loaded on a piece of kit sent out to trailists.

    Can someone help me with regards to clarifying what I'd need to do to make sure I don't breech any licensing terms.
    Particularly the bit about using the pfSense logo, would this require me to make changes to the web-ui to remove the logo?
    or am I misunderstanding that point?

    Can anyone also confirm if there's anything in the M0n0wall license i need to be aware of?

    pfSense would not need to be modified (apart from perhaps the web-ui depending on above) as it has the feature i'm specifically looking at.

  • I'm no license expert, but pfSense is being used commercially in some very large deployments.  The licensing has nothing to do with commercial use (i.e. your company) be it Fox News as discussed here earlier, or a lowly insurance agency like mine.

    As for the logo, you'll only have to remove it if you're going to re-sell the product. I think this is just to require re-branding as pfSense is an open-source product and should not be sold. I know others have brought up a Brazilian (IIRC) company that is reselling pfSense as its own product.  Kind of disheartening, but it was discussed and there really isn't much anyone can do about it under the current license.

    If anyone can fill in the gaps here that would be great.

  • Adding this pointer to the FAQ since this thread comes up high in Google results.

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