WOL over internet, pfsense support for "iproute2"

  • I currently run openwrt as my main router. looking to jump into the pfsense world. However one of my most needed feature is the ability to send wol paclets over the internet to my lan devices.
    with openwrt, i've been using that for several years. It requires two things.
    1- on openwrt i use the "ip neigh" command to a setup a static ARP entry, i believe thats what the following command does..
    ip neigh add lladdr ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff nud permanent dev br-lan

    2- setup port forwarding to forward the incoming wol packet from the WAN to the LAN, same broadcast address as above, and to the required WOL port e.g UDP 9.

    now looking through pfsense, #2 item should be achievable easily. However i cant see how to get #1 to work, given that "ip neigh" command, which i believe is part of "iproute2" package does not exist on pfsense/feebsd?

    This is a critical piece that would prevent me from switching over to pfsense. Would really like some input from the experts here.


  • Ummm... WOL is not IP and so doesn't normally pass over the Internet.

    Here's a Wikipedia article about what you want to do. How are you doing it with OpenWRT?

  • I send a wol magic packet to my public IP address along with the destined MAC address.The router broadcasts it internally to a specific udp port on the broadcast address, again including the destined device MAC address, and the device wakes up.
    See https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/WOL

    Hmmm I notice that on that page, a new method has been listed using arp instead my “ip neigh” method. Perhaps I can implement that on pfSense,
    Thanks to your question, I visited that page and may have found an answer for myself.

  • Well that didn’t work. Then I came across this thread where a user was able to set it up but I’m still having issues.


    Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

  • Well i got it to work.

    installed package "ShellCmd". This package is to simply run the following command at every bootup of the router so that the arp entry is always there.

    shellcmd: command: arp -s ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
    where is the broadcast IP of my network
    ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff is the MAC broadcast address. Use this as is!

    Finally setup NAT port forwarding to and the port you want to use for WOL, eg UDP 9

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