Infoblox 1550A

  • Does anyone could install PFsense on those appliances ?
    Just got 3 today, but the bios is locked with password !

    They have a decent hardware
    Core Duo , 8Gb ram DDR2, a quad Gigabit NIC, and a 500Gb HD

  • Netgate Administrator

    Seems like you probably can install it but it may not boot from the harddrive and no way to enter the BIOS.

    I assume it boots the IB OS from the HD though?

    Since it seems to boot from USB OK it doesn't seem that locked down.


  • Last night after few hours looking for a solution, I finally could revert the bios to the original Supermicro, now I have a full operational mini server !
    I'll post how to, later !

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