DHCP DDNS wrongly remaping hosts: host.domain.domain

  • Dear Pfsense community,

    I'm having a strange behavior with my HA cluster.
    When our PFsense DHCP server get a DHCP request from a Host (Ubuntu 16.04), it includes the domain name a second time and propagates it to our FreeIPA DNS server. The results looks like: host.mydomain.com.mydomain.com
    Because of this we have issue resolving the hostname records.
    It was working fine before and have no idea how to troubleshoot this.
    Only information related to this is the new forward map records:
    dhcpd Added new forward map from myhost.domain.com.domain.com to X.X.X.X

    A bit of help would be greatly appreciated! ☺


  • Looking at the lease on the console I got this:
    set ddns-fwd-name = "host.domain.domain";

  • I found a work around rewriting the client dhclient.conf file, but this is not satisfying.
    I guess we will have to externalize our DHCP service from PFsense, probably some dedicated isc dhcpd server with the capacity of understanding that a FQDN shouldn't get forwarded a duplicated domain name... :-(

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