Error on 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 - Default rule for default gateway

  • I'm receiving this error constantly:

    There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:277: syntax error - The line in question reads [277]: pass out route-to ( bce0 ) from to !/ tracker 1000003813 keep state allow-opts label "let out anything from firewall host itself"

    On the debug file, I have 3 rules to my default gateway: 1 for the firewall WAN ip, other for the CARP ip and a third with no IP information (from to !/ tracker). Every filter load gives an error on this moment and I believe that this is causing problems with the rules because some of them are not being applied.

    Can anybody help me? Is there a patch to fix this?

  • I have found the solution here:

    Hope this will be delivered on the last version.

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