IP Passthrough - Can't ping gateway

  • I've got a Nighthawk M1/MR1100 device that, with the more recent versions of firmware, supports IP passthrough but not a 'proper' bridge mode.

    When set to IP passthrough mode and connected to the WAN port of pfSense, the pfSense WAN port is correctly allocated the public IP address, gateway and DNS settings (at least, they are the same settings as when I connect it to a Windows PC), but I have no internet access; pfSense cannot even ping the gateway it has been allocated.

    When configuring the M1 as a router, pfSense gets a 192.168.x.x/24 address, and internet traffic resumes.

    Am I right in thinking that if IP passthrough works correctly for my PC but not pfSense, that there is a configuration issue with pfSense? If so, where should I start looking?


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