HyperV to Nano Conversion

  • I wondered if someone could please lend a tip or general information on my current situation.

    I have the latest version of pf on a hyperv instance.

    I have created a new physical box and installed the nano version of pf. Installed it on a USB stick and away I went.

    I then exported the config (All) from the hyperv box

    Imported the config into the nano box. All went well. I re-assigned the adapters and the system seems to function. The packages were imported and the system ran.

    This morning in the update panel I get.

    embedded (unknown)
    Netgate Device ID: d6c9131bcd90cd515dee
    Vendor: Phoenix Technologies, LTD
    Version: 6.00 PG
    Release Date: 06/03/2008
    2.3.5-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Oct 30 11:08:06 CDT 2017
    FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p22

    Version 2.4.3_1 is available.
    Version information updated at 2018-07-18 07:14

    My question would be is there anything I need to change in the nano install to let it know it is a nano install post importing of the hyperv config?

    Is the 2.4.3_1 a valid version available for the nano platform? The download only allowed me to obtain the 2.3.5 on nanobsd. Hence me asking if this is an in invalid update path for my hardware.

    Advise would be good .

    Many thanks to the brilliant and free pfsense and all its collaborators.

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