Beep notification on connection down ?

  • Hi

    is it possible for pfSense to beep if an interface or VPN connection goes down ?

    I've just had an issue where an openVPN connection went down which stopped all wireless devices getting out to the Internet. After proving the Internet connection was up and the wireless mesh was working I was left scratching my head until I remembered about the VPN.

    Would be good to play a series beeps / tones if the connection fails.

    Any possibility ?


  • Go to Diagnose - File Edit and find /usr/local/sbin/ovpn-linkdown (for openvpn) and add this command at the end of the file: /usr/local/bin/beep -p 850 10
    Instead of 850 you can choose the sound you want its the frequence in Hz :-) and 10 is how long it sounds ...

  • Thanks for this. Is there any way to have it continually beep until the issue is resolved. ?

    What I'm hoping to do is set up a couple of different beep patterns.

    1. openVPN
    2. IPSEC VPN
    3. WAN


  • You can define the length of the beep, you can try to find a length that fits your needs!

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