Directory struture when accessing console

  • When i login and do a ls i get this


    .cshrc                  .login                  .shrc
    .first_time            .part_mount            .tcshrc
    .hushlogin              .profile                check_reload_status.log

    Where are all the directories i am used to seeing? When you ssh in, are you jailed or something?


  • # pwd
    # cd /
    # ls
    .rnd            bin             cf              dev             lib             root            usr
    .snap           boot            conf            etc             libexec         sbin            var
    COPYRIGHT       boot.config     conf.default    kernels         mnt             tmp


  • ahh thanks!

    when i try i get


    /root: Permission denied

    i have a # so i am root, i am loging in as "root"

    i also SU, but it does nothing

  • not "/root" is the command.
    "pwd" is the command ;)

  • ohh lol i totaly misread that.


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