Dynamic DNS broken ?

  • Simply trying to setup a temporary dynamic DNS facility with NoIP. Every time I go to edit settings the password field is screwed (reset). I cannot see the password either. I'd like that the password be shown as the default and I'll hide it if I feel so insecure... Thanks ! (Don't treat me as though I'm needing you to protect me please)

    There are no examples shown for each field nor are there explanations given to some of the options. This makes configuration harder because people have to make a stab-in-the-dark kind of decision making. Is this intentional? Are things meant to be really difficult?

    I've gone over my various qualifications like username, password and hostname. I can login to NoIP and see all the same settings. I'll assume this service is broken.


  • Nope- works just fine.

    I use NoIP.com exclusively.

    If your not sure about yourself then use a text document to type out your password.. Then copy and paste.

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