Noobie needs help, after set up can ping google from wan but not lan

  • Just like the subject says I can ping from the WAN side but not from the LAN side.

    I built a new mini itx system with 1 onboard NIC (LAN) and one Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E Network Adapter EXPI9301CTBLK (WAN) with 2.4.3 installed via USB stick, default install, and I am not sure why it isnt working. Everything I ready online says it should work out of the box to allow LAN traffic out but block WAN traffic... I am replacing a consumer router with a Ubiquity networks Unifi nanoHD and PfSense box...

    I am sure I am missing something stupid/simple and will feel stupid when it is pointed out :) but Im lost.

  • Try the setting to show packets blocked by the default block rule, in the firewall logs, and see if that shows your blocked packet.

    When you say "from LAN" do you mean from a PC on the LAN or from pfSense on the LAN interface?

    On the LAN side there should be a default rule to allow from IPv4 * (any protocol) with source LAN, to WAN.

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