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  • Installed 2.4.3 - added the autoconfigbackup package. The package doesn't seem to recognize the backups made with "legacy" auto config backup package. All the backups are listed, but, not flagged as "legacy". Any ideas how to get the 2.4.3 ACB to recognize and allow restore of "legacy" files?

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    What version of pfSense are you running? (Status > Dashboard)

    What version of AutoConfigBackup do you have installed? (System > Packages)

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    There seems to be some confusion here. pfSense v 2.4.3 and earlier supports the installation of an "AutoConfigBackup" package which "pfSense Gold" subscribers may use to make automatic, remote backups. Backups made with this package may be restored by the package. If you have provided the correct "Gold" subscription credentials, you will be able to see a list of the backups you have made. If you have provided the correct encryption password you will be able to view and restore backups. Otherwise a suitable error message is displayed.

    The AutoConfigBackup package has no concept of "legacy" so I don't know what you mean by "flagged as legacy".

    pfSense 2.4.4 will have remote configuration backup integrated into the firewall. This is a completely new system which is independent of the old, package based system.

    For the convenience of pfSense "Gold" subscribers, however, the new integrated system can access backups made with the package. In 2.4.4 these package based backups are referred to as "legacy."

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    pfSense - 2.4.3
    autoconfigbackup - 1.52

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    See ^

    Nothing has changed in ACB as far as that version is concerned. There is no "Legacy" flagging. The whole package is "Legacy."

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