Packages and GUI acting a little wonky all the sudden.

  • So to the best of my memory this is the order I did things last night…

    I installed Snort to play around with. Took a long while (especially to update), but seemed to work fine.
    I installed the 2.0 Dashboard. Set it up, was happy.
    I realized I hadn't updated my personal box to 1.2.2 (from 1.2.1), so I did this. (from console)
    I clicked the PFSense Logo at the top left, thinking it would take me to the dashboard or at least the system screen as usual. Instead Pfsense uninstalled and re-installed every single package, took about 45 minutes. I hated to stop it mid-install to keep from breaking something, but stuff broke anyways :(
    Now I dont have a link to the dashboard in my menu (though it claims to be installed)
    Now darkstat and ntop will not run. Reinstalling does not change anything.
    From System:Status, i can start the process (and it claims to start, but when reloading the page still shows the process' down) - Nothing is added to the system log.

    Aside from these annoyances, everything appears to be working correctly.