Console for XG-7100 1U on Raritan Dominion DKX3-108

  • Hello,

    I just received my Netgate KG-7100 and am about to set it up. I am currently running a USB extension cable from the Mini-USB port directly into a PC, which should work for the initial install.

    However, as a long -term solution, I would like to connect the console to my Raritan KVM. This is a top-of-the-line KVM that uses various CIMs (Computer Interface Modules) to interface directly to a computer's VGA/DVI/HDMI/etc., keyboard, and mouse. I don't see a CIM that offers a female USB A jack that could be used with the cable that comes with the KG-7100.

    Does anyone have any ideas that I could try in order to get this to work? My first thought would be to throw a Raspberry Pi between the two, but I'd prefer a low-power device that converts the video USB to VGA (or serial) directly and passes the keyboard and mouse through to a USB jack.

  • We're also looking for some sort of solution along these lines...

  • Hi and thanks for responding.

    I think the solution lies with the following device, which may have been discontinued. They were running upwards of $500 a pop but I managed to pick up 2 of them, which I have used successfully for a number of other serial terminals.

    I think it would just be a simple matter of cutting off one end of a USB mini cable and crimping a CAT-5 connector to it, wired in the correct order, but I've had to put this project on the backburner. I also exchanged my XG-7100 for an SG-5100, but both devices have a USB Mini console port (my old FW-7551 had a CAT-5 jack for console so it was a no-brainer with the DSAM).

    I will be needing to drop the SG-5100 into place within the next month or so and I will be sure to post my results. Feel free to follow up if you beat me to the punch!

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