How to use DHCP with PFSense & UniFi AC Access Point?

  • Hi,

    As the title suggests what would be the correct method for using pfSense with an AC Lite Access Point? The only reason I need to work this out is because I want to add a description to the wireless devices on pfSense and the only way I can do that is to add a static lease to be able to add a description to the wireless device. The issue with that is I can have the same device with different IP's on pfSense and on the UniFI?

  • Just disable DHCP on the Ubiquity equipment and let pfSense take care of handing out DHCP to the wireless clients, it works I do it.

  • @nogbadthebad Many Thanks for your reply :-)

    Would you mean like this?

    alt text

  • Yup thats what I do

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    So you also have a USG? How exactly are you connecting to pfsense? You can not run dhcpd on unifi unless you have something other than just AP..

  • Me John ?

    I thought you had to at least define a single network under settings -> Networks.

  • I have a UniFi AC Lite connected directly into 1 port of a 4 port NIC in my Gen8 Microserver running pfSense is that not correct?

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    If you don't have a USG you can not run dhpd on unifi anway..

    Your going to have to give some more detail

    The issue with that is I can have the same device with different IP's on pfSense and on the UniFI?

    Huh? Yeah your wireless devices would be on a different network than your wired? Do you have a bridge setup where your wifi interface is on same network as your wired lan network?

  • ah, so this is good as I want pfSense to handle everything :-)

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    Can you please give some more details.

    Your lan network is what? Your wireless network is what - you only have 1? Or do you have multiple ssid on different vlans.

    You have a client it gets what for IP exactly? What issue are you having with that IP? You want it to be the same as when you plug that device into a wire? Not understand what the issue is here.

    with different IP's on pfSense and on the UniFI?

    This doesn't make a lot of sense.. Unless you had some other device running dhcp and handing out wrong address pool in the same network, or something doing nat? Same IP your wireless controller shows for a device will be the same IP pfsense shows for it, etc.

    example... Here is my dhcp lease on pfsense for my IPad 0c:51:01:8c:19:ae (Apple) Johns-Air2 2018/07/24 03:43:09 2018/07/26 03:43:09

    Here is what unfi shows for it.

    You notice same IP, same mac, etc. So could you point out what your seeing that your having a problem with or what your trying to accomplish exactly that is not working, etc.

  • Hi,

    The issue was when looking at pfSense I was trying to make it easy to identify what clients are connected but the only way I could find to do that was by assigning a static IP to each device and then adding a description. By doing this I found that devices connected to pfSense had the assigned static IP but that same device had a different IP on my AC Lite. By disabling DHCP on the Unifi pfSense is now assigning the Static IP and UniFi now shows the same IP so as far as I can see it is now resolved.

    My Setup is an HP Gen8 Microserver with a 4port NIC, 1 Port goes to a Modem, 1 Port goes to a Switch for the local lan and 1 other goes to the UniFi AC Lite

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    And what is running dhcpd... The AP can not run dhcpd? Pretty sure need USG to do that, since that is why it lists (usg) next to it, etc.

    Yeah says right on the controller need usg to run dhcpd


    Is it possible your client just got a different lease you had something else running dhcp on this layer 2? Maybe another VM?

  • @johnpoz You are right, it does have usg next to DHCP as per the picture link I added but changing it to none has resolved my issue so I am not really sure ? The only other VM's I have are Windows/Linux Desktops

  • The Ubiquity GUI does have quite a bit of cruft if you only have access-points and a controller.

    Not even sure why you need to create a network at all if your not using a switch.

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    you can use these networks for putting your AP on a specific vlan for management even without a switch or usg I do believe. But agreed most users with just some AP and the controller have zero use for any of settings under network. And can just leave it at default even if running a different network address space.

    As to turning it off fixing any perceived issue I find it highly unlikely... Turn it back on and show us what you think the problem is.. If you feel that is the cause of the problem.

  • If you have a windows client do an ipconfig /all if you enable it again.

    That should tell you the host that's acting as a dhcp server.

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