Pfsense wont install

  • I purchased a new Kingston SSD for my apu4b4 ALIX board. I am trying to install Pfsense from USB now and I am getting error where it will not install. It seems to get stuck part way through the install itself. Now it sees the hard drive and everything. Originally I was just following the auto installer to get everything configured. Is there something I am missing? Any other information you may or may not need let me know and I can get it. Thank your for your helps ahead of time.

    g_vfs_done():gptid/6cc407aa-8f4c-11e8-8e3e-000db94ceb04[WRITE(offset=21446144, length=17408)]error = 6
    panic: cannot reassign paging buffer
    cpuid = 2
    KDB: enter: panic
    [ thread pid 7 tid 100044 ]
    Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x3b: movq    $0,kdb_why

    Edit: I would like to add that i can still install successfully on a normal sd card.

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    That type of error is generally from a disk failure of some sort. It could be that SSD doesn't get along with FreeBSD, or that it's defective.

  • That is kind of what I was afraid of but there is no way for me to connect it somewhere to test it.

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