Can I nat dns queries to a internal pihole server?

  • I'm trying to redirect all dns queries from clients to a pihole server located on the same internal network.

    I've followed the guide from here, but subbed my pihole address instead of
    I've also tried with my domain controller dns.
    (This pfsense install is a test system, it will be in a separate network later.)
    Client has a fixed ip address with the dns servers defined as and

    (pfsense is, pihole is

    Redirecting all DNS Requests to pfSense

    When I have this nat rule in place, I get no dns. Any suggestions?

  • Also, the pihole is on a different gateway, so its dns isn't getting filtered.

  • Follow the guide exactly as is. Enable DNS Forwarder and disable Resolver. In General setup, add your pihole as the one and only DNS. Done.

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    You can use forwarder mode in unbound as well, they don't have to switch over to forwarder.. I would say that would make sense if he was going to be forwarding to multiple pubic dns since it can query them all at the same time and use the first one to respond. But if he is just going to forward to pihole, then can just use resolver. But he then needs to point his pi-hole to something on the outside.

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