No web traffic after initial installation?

  • Hi there,
    Ok, so I am not all that great with firewalls and routing, but I thought I would know enough to get by first PFSense box functioning.  ;D I am convinced this is a setting that isn't correct, it is probably thee most simple thing out!

    Anywat, after initial installation, I ran the setup wizard, but am still struggling to get any clients to surf the web.

    I have a simple LAN/WAN setup, with two nics.
    The LAN and WAN is on a private address network (LAN =, WAN =, gateway is (adsl router).
    Firewall rules are currently setup with LAN and WAN passing all traffic to source and destination.
    Block private networks is disabled (not selected), as my WAN is still on a private network.
    If I do a diagnostic ping test from either the LAN or WAN interface, I can successfully ping the WAN gateway and other WAN addresses on the private WAN network, though I cannot ping anything after the adsl router gateway.
    I cannot surf or access any of the WAN addresses from the LAN computers (including the ones that are accessible when I do a diagnostic ping test from the LAN pfsense interface).
    Captive portal and traffic shapping are disabled.
    I have not touched NAT outbound as it is set to automatic.  I have also not done anything with NAT 1:1 or Port forwarding.

    What have I missed?

  • If your ADSL router is assigning 192.168.1.x addresses than your wan should be setup to DHCP. Or simply assign it with a static IP of 192.168.1.x or whatever is outside of the DHCP range assigned by your router.

  • It seems the nic on the WAN was faulty.  I replaced it as a last resort, and everything worked after that.  :-)