[Resolved] SG-1000 and CenturyLink PPPoE no longer works under 2.4.4-DEVELOPMENT. Ideas?

  • Yesterday, my SG-4860 shelled out. To keep Internet alive in for my home office, I subbed in a SG-1000 while I wait for the SG-4860 RMA. The SG-1000 was running 2.4.2-DEVELOPMENT when I put it in place. I setup for CenturyLink with PPPoE and VLAN 201. Everything worked great. Today, I decided to upgrade the SG-1000 to 2.4.4-DEVELOPMENT and low and behold, PPPoE with VLAN no longer works or at least I can not make it work.

    Here is how it was setup, re-setup (many times), settings restored from backup (many times):

    Create a VLAN with ID 201, Interfaces>Assign>VLANs
    Assign the VLAN to the WAN parent interface
    Create a PPPoE interface for the WAN/VLAN, Interfaces>Assign>PPPs
    Provide the Username and Password for the CenturyLink account
    Assigned the WAN interface to PPPoE w/VLAN

    If I just assign the WAN interface to the VLAN without PPPoE, I get the WAN interface is up, but no service.

    Anyone know what the issue might be and how to correct?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

  • Per Netgate Support, downgrading to 2.4.3_p1 until fixed.

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