NAT VPN VOIP result no audio or one way audio

  • Dear sir
    i m using vpn for voip
    the sturcture of my network is Main line of internet is connected with HUb and from hub 2 lines are passing one for my voip gateway and otherone is for my Computer where XP is installed
    in XP - TCP/IP settings - Main TCP/IP i assignd ( NATed IP ) provided my ISP and in advance settings i assignd ( Bcoz. my VoipGatweay i.e Quintum. has )
    I m using vpn in XP.
    and In XP i have installed Gatekeeper ( GNUGK Voip Gatkeeper ) it recives the voip calls and pass these calls to my voip Gateway.
    Now the problem is using this Senario we got one way Audio or No Audio

    Whereas, when  i take static and real ip from isp and apply rest all same above mention structure. Every thing works fine

    but i cannot take static ip
    issue is NAT with VPN
    please try to solve this issue
    waiting for your reply

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