Removing "Netgate Coreboot Upgrade" menu entry?

  • Hello,
    I restored a configuration from an older SG-2220 to a current SG-3100, and I noticed that the System menu contains an obsolete entry "Netgate Coreboot Upgrade", which is causing an 404 error when accidentally clicked. Since the package itself is not available for the SG-3100, I cannot install and deinstall the package.

    Is there any recommended course of action to remove this menu entry?

    Thank you,

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you check the config file what tags do you see? I imagine you will still have this section:

    			<name>Netgate Coreboot Upgrade</name>
    			<tooltiptext>Upgrade Coreboot of Netgate hardware models.</tooltiptext>

    If you remove that, save and reboot you should be good. Of course there's always a risk when manually editing the config etc...


  • Hello,

    thank you, and yes, this was the only workaround I found: export the current config, remove the menu entry and reload the config. But since this leads to a re-installation of all installed packages, I was hoping for a more direct approach to simply correct the running system.

    So long,

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