Do I have IPv6 Setup right?

    1. I have been assigned a static IPv6 /56 address via my ISP

    2. Interfaces WAN,
      IPv4 Config = PPPoE
      IPv6 Config = DHCPv6
      check - Request a IPv6 prefix/information through the IPv4 connectivity link
      check - Only request an IPv6 prefix, do not request an IPv6 address
      DHCPv6 prefix=56

    3. Interfaces LAN,
      IPv4 Config = Static IPv4
      IPv6 Config = Static IPv6
      IPv6 address as supplied by ISP / 56
      Check- IPv6 will use the IPv4 connectivity link (PPPOE)

    4. DHCPv6 Server & RA / LAN ?DHCPv6 Server
      check Enable DHCPv6 server on interface LAN
      Range entered
      Prefix Delegation 64

  • Did the ISP mention a ND & PD prefix, I recieved the following from my ISP:-

    ND Prefix: 2a02:xxxx:xxxx:xx::/64
    PD Prefix: 2a02:xxxx:xxxx::/48

    The ND prefix is for the WAN interface and the PD prefix for the LAN, I split my PD into /64 chunks.


    0_1532608550929_Untitled 2.png

    0_1532608908749_Untitled 3.png

    0_1532608781215_Untitled 4.jpeg

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