No DHCPOFFERs on wifi interface QOTOM box

  • I just installed pfsense on a QOTOM box. DHCP on the Wireless interface is not working.

    The wireless interface is enabled and DHCP is enabled on the interface. I am not bridging the wireless interface to any other interface. I wiresharked what happens when I try to connect and I see lots of DHCPREQUESTs coming from the device trying to connect, and the DHCP server log on pfsense shows DHCPOFFERs and actually registers the correct MAC, however, the DHCPOFFERs never show up on my wireless device's interface.

    Any ideas on this?

  • Hi,

    @jnw said in No DHCPOFFERs on wifi interface QOTOM box:

    Any ideas on this ?

    Well, I tend to say : "show me the rules."
    But .... knowing that all interfaces, except LAN, have a block all rule, they also have all of them some hidden (non GUI) rules that permit all the DHCP traffic to go in and out.
    So, it can't be the a firewall issue, whatever you did with it (except blocking DHCP traffic with rules if this is possible).

    A wild shot : some gateway issue ?

  • Thanks for the ideas. I don't know if the pfsense DHCP server "lives" on one interface and routes or if it listens on all interfaces. If the former then rules could matter. If the latter, they shouldn't I guess I could sleuth this out, but it sounds tedious.

    If I need to manually configure a gateway for each interface, then that could indeed be a problem. I was under the impression default gateway is created on the .1 host address per enabled interface network. I'll check on this.

    I'm going to try using a USB wireless adapter rather than use the built-in wireless. I've also been seeing a problem with the built-in wifi not correctly recognizing the WPA password.

  • Problem bypassed (not solved):

    Using an ALFA AUS051NH did the trick. I suppose the QOTOM box's wireless adapter (reports as ath0) and pfsense just don't play well together. This being posted from wireless on this box.

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