Local Smart-UPS on COM1 - unable to start NUT service

  • Hi,

    I use pfsense 1.2.2 running on a small compaq deskpro small form factor
    In the BIOS the COM1 port is enabled.
    I have an APC Smart-UPS 1400 connected with a serial cable to the COM1
    I use an 940-0024C cable and this is what I selected in the config page.
    After saving the settings the status page show this
    ERROR:  NUT is enabled, however the service is not running!
    From the services list when I try to start the service I get the message that service is started but the status does not change in the listed services.
    Is there a log that I can check in the system ?  I mean after I do a ssh conection can I look somewhere ?

    Thank you

  • To follow up on my problem.
    I had the BIOS configured for only one COM port as 02E8 but the system recognized this as COM1.
    running devinfo -r in a shell made me see the misconfiguration on my system
    The nut daemon was not configured in the GUI with the only port listed there as COM1 where in fact was a COM2
    Anyway I changed the settings in the BIOS to have the first port as 03E8 and second one as 02E8
    Now the UPS status is displayed fine


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