No netmap support on SG-3100 hardware?

  • Hi,
    I just purchased a new SG-3100 and was expecting that official Netgate hardware would support running Suricata in Inline mode, but when I try to configure it that way, it fails with the following errors in the log file:

    27/7/2018 -- 15:56:57 - <Error> -- [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_NETMAP_CREATE(263)] - Couldn't open netmap device, error No such file or directory
    27/7/2018 -- 15:56:57 - <Error> -- [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_THREAD_INIT(49)] - thread "RX#01-mvneta1" failed to initialize: flags 0145
    27/7/2018 -- 15:56:57 - <Error> -- [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_INITIALIZATION(45)] - Engine initialization failed, aborting...

    I get the same error whether I try it on LAN, WAN or OPT1, looks like netmap is not supported? I'm really surprised and quite dissapointed, is this a known thing on the SG-3100?

  • The SG-3100 hardware uses an ARM 32-bit CPU instead of an Intel CPU, thus it has an ARM-based FreeBSD kernel. Could be that Netmap support is not enabled in the ARM version of FreeBSD. You should be able to call Netgate tech support for more information. Enabling Netmap in the AMD64 builds of FreeBSD is done by switching on a kernel compile option.

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