Multiple lan interfaces(ports)

  • im new to pfsense. I have it installed on a small mini pc that has 4 network ports.
    I've setup port1 as WAN and port 2 as LAN. I would like to use port 3&4 also as LAN. Currently they show up as OPT1 and OPT2.
    Can i not use this like a router i.e 1 wan port and 3 lan ports?

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    Why? If you need more lan ports the correct solution is use a switch!!! While you can bridge those interfaces it is no way going to be as efficient or as fast a 20-30$ gig switch. And is going to complicate the hell out of your config for someone that is "new" to pfsense.

  • sure, i do have a switch in front already. I just wanted to know, if pfsense could create a "logical" switch or something for the remaining ports..Thanks.

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    Yes you can "bridge" interfaces to somewhat simulate a "switch" It is going to SUCK performance wise and completely over complicate the configuration. Are you filtering on each member, are you filtering just on the bridge interface, etc.

    Oh did I say it SUCKS before compared to an actual switch port - right?

    If you have a switch - there is ZERO reason to contemplate WASTING a very useful router interface that could be used for you know another network so you could actually firewall between your networks/vlans on your "router" vs using it as a switch port ;)

    If you need/want a switch on your router/firewall - then buy hardware that actually as built in switch ports. The sg3100 for example, or the 7100.. Pretty sure their other new models coming will also include actual switch ports.

    Yes you can bridge - No you have no reason to do it.. Is like you CAN if you really wanted to poke yourself in the eye with a stick.. But normally people tend to think this a bad idea.. Same goes for using router interfaces as switch ports via bridging them ;)

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