Upstream proxy not working

  • hi

    my ISP request me to put proxy on my pc, due to some probles accessing hotmail, gmail, facebook etc…, so i tried:

    1- use upstream proxy, (it runs excellent but for only 5 seconds, then squid stopped)

    2- i tried one client pc and i fed the proxy into internet option > connection > lan settings > use proxy server, and in exceptions i put the pfsense gateway (what happen is i am not able to see the captive page any more, so i used another firefox together with internet explored but without the proxy so i can see the captive portal page every thing went fine. but:

    my clients now must have 2 internet explorers, one to be able to open the captive portal page and browse non https sites, and the other to use to access hotmail, gmail, facebook, etc...

    my setup is as follows:
    proxy interface: lan
    allow user on interface: checked
    Transparency proxy: checked
    Enabled logging: checked
    remaining: default

    upstream proxy:
    Hostname: proxy number giving ISP
    TCP port: giving by ISP
    ICP port: blank
    Username: blank
    password: blank

    cache managment:
    hard disk cache size: 50000
    Hard disk cache system: aufs
    hard disk cache location: default
    memory cache size: 512
    memory object size: 0
    minimum object size: 0
    maximum object size: 400000
    remaining= default

    any body tried the upstream proxy server? if so please help me solve this problem

    help really appreciated

    thank you in advance


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