Change default WAN interface's type to LAN

  • I set up a new virtualized router just for DNS purposes and I just gave it a single interface which of course was setup as a WAN type, after doing some work on it, I added three VLANs to which it's going to direct the internet traffic; the problem is that the first interface is still thought as a WAN and every time I make a change on the interfaces I get locked out and have to go to the console to specify routes to the local network, which isn't that hard given I'm using subnet in the range, but still, it's a lot of extra steps.

    How can I convert the interface type or tell pfSense to keep its hands of that interface? The other upstream interfaces have gateways assigned but it doesn't seem to matter, it will still delete the routes on the first one all the time. I'm afraid the changes in console won't survive a restart. Would adding static routes help me? (I just thought of that in this instant)

    Thanks !

  • It did!

    I just added the route and it complained it needed a new gateway first, added that then the static route, then went to the interfaces and changed the name, something that would've set it off for the deletion of the routes, this time the website responded back as it normally would.

    Now I'm gonna make clones of this for the next step.

    Thanks anyway! Hopefully leaving this here helps anyone else. :)

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