softflowd - Interface in use

  • Hi all,

    I am new to pfsense, sorry if i am missing something really obvious but I can't see what i'm doing wrong and have searched with no results so far. I have setup a brand new install of pfSense 2.4.3, installed softflowd but when I try to configure and hit save it tells me:

    "The following interface indices are currently in use:

    1: LAN" (or whatever interface i chose).

    Tried this with several installs but I must be missing something? I've searched everywhere and cant find this error which makes me think i'm missing something simple?


  • Has anyone had this issue or could somebody please try to see if they get the same so I know i'm not missing something obvious?


  • Nobody? :(

  • Looks like its working fine. The window would show up pink/red if there was something wrong. I believe they are just letting you know by that statement what is set up at the time.

    Blank out one of the entries either port or host or both and you will see what I mean.

  • Ahh that makes sense now!

    Thanks for the help!


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