SG 7100-IU as Internet Router

  • Hi
    I am practicing on SG 7100-IU just need to know can I use it as Internet router or not ?
    If I connect the Ethernet cable directly to the WAN port it doesn't handshake and assigns the as WAN but when I use my existing wifi router in between the WAN on the firewall takes the IP and Internet ..

    So just need to know if this is possible to directly connect cable to SG-7100-IU or the Router is necessary in between.. I thought it has builtin router functionality ..

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    Sounds like the WAN interface isn't configured to match the ISP provisioning or something like a modem reboot needs to be done in conjunction.

  • I think they tied the authentication to MAC Address so I am going to clone the working configuration of the modem including the MAC and manually change it in WAN setup

  • Are you trying to have the 7100 replace the gateway/router that is provided by your ISP? If so, many ISPs will employ more than just a MAC address check. For example, from googling, I can see that ATT employs a MAC check plus 802.1x authentication.

  • @gfeiner Yes, this is exactly what I want to do , my internet works with any wifi router just need in DHCP mode .. no other setting is necessary ..

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    WAN will certainly function as a DHCP client. That would be the default behavior.

    I would disconnect the existing wan, power cycle the modem, let it come up and get synced, then connect the 7100 WAN interface.

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