Firewall issue and OpenVPN

  • I have a server on my network that has a short list of remote hosts it can communicate with configured on the LAN rules, blocking outbound communication to non white listed destinations. It's a short list of firewall rules with allow any port from server to destinations. Then I have a deny any any rule. That works as intended. I just set up a VPN server on the router which works great. The VPN is on one subnet and the server on the other. I can ping from the VPN to any machine on the local subnet but not the server with the limited list of rules. I tried adding an explicit allow based on the local VPN subnet, but that didn't work. What an I missing here?VidMate AnyDesk

  • Without more specifics, we can only speculate. It could be anything from routing to firewall rules on PFsense to the software firewall on the server. Can you provide a network map including your subnets? Also, what is the IP of your server? It would also be helpful to have a screenshot of your firewall rules.

    Last but not least, post a copy of your server1.conf

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Lan rules have NOTHING to do with unsolicited traffic TO the server.. Since the server is not creating the connection.

    Rules are evaluated as the traffic enters an interface from the network the interface is connected too, towards pfsense.

    If your vpn can talk to everything on this lan network, except this server I would look to as already mentioned firewall on this server.

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