Configure DHCP pool for specific switchports

  • Hello,

    I have traffic limiting configured on my network, in order to minimize the problem of one user downloading affecting the other users.

    However, I'd like to have full bandwidth on my workbench, so the computers I'm working on can easily download updates and transfer files.

    My workbench has a Dell x1026 switch that connects to the core switches of the network that are unmanaged.

    It would be nice to configure DHCP reservations if I knew the MAC addresses ahead of time, but I have no way to know what devices I'll be working on ahead of time.

    I see it's possible to configure the x1026 for DHCP relay, is there a way to have my pfSense router detect that and assign them to a specific DHCP pool?

    Or is there a better way to do this?

    I'm currently adding the devices I'm about to work on to an alias, but it's a little cumbersome.

  • getting managed switches is your go-to solution

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Separate subnet on the bench is the easiest thing.

  • To combine the two responses so far... like Derelict says, a separate subnet for the bench would be the best way to go... separate address range, you can manage where devices you're working on can go separate from everything else, etc... whether you use a separate interface on your pfSense box (if you have an unused interface to dedicate to the cause), or use VLANs and a managed switch, that's up to you.

    Then you can set limiters on your main network, firewall rules to prevent your bench network from accessing the main network (or vice versa), and things of that sort.

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