Netgate SG-3100 PPPoE Gigabit

  • Hi All,
    Trying to get a full Gigabit out of Netgate SG-3100 over VLAN and PPPoE
    So far was able to get only 650Mbps max.

    Searching over the internet suggested that people are able to get up to 700Mbpb but nobody confirmed anything above that number.

    Are there any configuration optimizations recommended to achieve a better performance?

    Need to know please, is Netgate SG-3100 capable of producing 1Gpps connection over VLAN & PPoE or it is also affected by singe queue issue

    Please post here what maximum speeds you've been able to get on Netgate SG-3100 over PPPoE connection


  • Hello, i'm new to the SG-3100, but from what I've learned in a few months, the issue is related to FreeBSD on ARM architecture. It's unlikely there will be a fix, as that issue you linked is more than 2 years old.

    Others have reported that VLAN port assignments do not affect throughput, so I think the limiting factor in this situation is definitely PPPoE.

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