Port forwarding

  • Hello,
    How do I forward multiple port easily? I setup centos server.
    I can forward port wan ip to lan ip with single rule.
    (SSH port 2020 > 22, Web port 2345 > 80 )
    Is there any way to use Aliases for port.

  • So you want to forward a non-standard port to a standard port. How should pfSense get which non-standard port you're aiming to translate, when both aliases (origin and redirect) include multiple ports?

    If you're using standard ports you can forward multiple port included in an alias in only one rule. But this only works if you use the same alias for both.
    For instance, to forward SSH (22), HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) from WAN IP to a LAN host, add an alias: Firewall > Aliases > Ports
    Add all three needed port to it. In the port forwarding rule select "other" at destination and redirect target port and enter your alias name into the custom boxes.
    So this forward wan ip 22 > internal ip 22 and so on.

  • @viragomann I understand. Thanks.

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