High Latency on Local ping

  • Hi, Good day everyone.

    Im having a hard time figuring out what might be the problem between my pfsense box and the local isp router. My pfsense WAN IP is network in which the gateway is Router) and the LAN network is When I ping from my pfsense console, i get an insanely high ping of 5000-10000ms, I tried replacing the cat5 cable with a newly crimped but still i get high ping, I also tried swapping the assignment of interface but still no good. I also to checked if its a speed&duplex mismatch and tried selecting 1000mb and 100mn full duplex on the WAN interface of my pfsense box and still get the high latecies. Please see the attached images.0_1533043163292_hugjgjghgh.png 0_1533043192212_tristar network (1).png 0_1533043359501_fdfdff.png

    I've be very much grateful if anyone can point me to what is causing this problem.
    Thank you.

  • First thing to do is try to isolate the problem. Is the delay pfSense only? Or also computers behind it? What happens if you connect a computer directly to your Internet connection, instead of passing through pfSense?

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    What exact isp router is this - make and model? I take it there are other "lan" ports on this device? As mentioned if you connect some other device and ping the isp device - do you get normal response times? I would assume something sub 1ms would be the norm.

    You could try telling pfsense that gateway is always UP.. And then see what your response time to stuff upstream is like.

  • @jknott The delay is also experienced behin the pfsense box. But when i connect my laptop directly to ISP router, the latency is normal, 1ms.

  • The ISP modem model is: Zytel AMG1302-T10D

  • @johnpoz Other lan ports are disabled by the ISP. I can only use port number 1 of that router.

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    Seems odd they would disable the other switch ports - but ok. The only thing that comes to mind off the top of my head tha would be different with pfsense pinging the upstream gateway in its monitoring vs a PC plugged in would be that pfsense uses a zero sized ping while a client by default will add some size to it.. You can alter the monitoring ping so it has some size to it vs 0.


    Oh - just looked you actually just pinged it from pfsense cmd line - so yeah that has size.. Did you mark the gateway up always and then ping through to something on the internet?


  • @johnpoz Thank you Mr. johnpoz. For now, I temporarily removed the pfsense from the network. I am waiting for my ISP to replace the modem. Im sure the problem will be gone after they replace the ISP router.

    Thank you for the time replying.

  • @rjabellax5
    FWIW, in the past I have had an issue with ping times being high and with packet loss occurring when I had (stupidly) set two interfaces on the network with the same IP address - and of course some went to the wrong place.

    I can't remember the exact details, but that was the culprit.

    I would try running a traceroute also to see if it is randomly trying to send your packets elsewhere before direct to the router.

    Also, are you able to Ping and Traceroute to, say, or something external and see if there is a difference?

  • @edooze Hi, Even if theres no other device connected to the network, i still get high pings. I also did a traceroute and its stuck on the gateway then it'll time out.

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    And will ask again... Did you turn off monitoring - ie mark the gateway always up and ping to something else past the device, ie say

  • @johnpoz No I haven't done it yet. I'll post the update as soon as I redeploy my pfsense box.

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