Question abaout failover and CARP

  • Hi!
    I have some expirience with pfsense, but not with CARP..

    I plan to buy 2 PCs, and make an CARP in means of failover…

    pubup2 (pc1)    pubip3(pc2)
    NAT                    NAT
    lanip2 (pc1)        lanip3(pc2)
    --- other pcs -----

    in a case of one pc is down.., will the internet works through other pc...
    same thing for WAN access ?

    also.., if i configure, for example one firewall rule on pc1 .. will it be automaticaly copied to pc2.., or i have to manualy monitor that the both PCs have same configuration (in mean by firewall rules, proxy and other stuff....)

    thank you..

  • 1)  I'm not sure what you mean by WAN access as opposed to Internet access, but if you mean the network that pubip[1-3] are in, then yes.  Same with the Internet (assuming that you've set up NAT and firewall rules allowing access in the first place.

    2)  PFSense will replicate rules from the "master" machine to the other machine as long as you have configured CARP (in the CARP Settings under Firewall->Virtual IPs->CARP Settings) to do so.

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