Routing between two NATted subnets

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with my pfSense box. My pfsense-router has one WAN interface and two local, NATted interfaces. The local interfaces shall route between two different private subnets ( and My PC is in the subnet. I cannot access the subnet unless I explicitly set a route to the subnet with the pfsense box as gateway. Why do I need to set the additional route although the default gateway is the same? Can I add an additional rule to prevent this? NAT is bound to the WAN interface and should not interfere with the routing.


  • If you configured your firewallrules correctly this should work. (It works right now here where i am).
    Could you post screenshots of your firewallrules?

  • Dear GruensFroeschli,

    thank you for your support. I have attached the 1:1 NAT rules, the firewall rules for both the subnet and the subnet, the outbound NAT configuration, and the virtual IP settings. Furthermore I have not set any static routes. Maybe you have an idea what could cause this problem.

    Thank you

  • I resolved the problem. It was a wrong static route on my desktop PC.

    Regards & Thanks

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