WAN to ISP not working right.

  • I have the wan port on pfsene configured for DHCP and it's connected to my ISP modem. The interface has no problem requesting and assiging an ip address from the ISP.

    I have the lan port set up as a static IP with DHCP configured. Clients can connect to the lan, receive an ip address and ping the gateway.

    My issue is both the pfsense box and the hosts connected can only ping and and nothing else. They cannot ping the DNS servers that pfsense is receiving from my ISP or any other address.

    I can run tracert on the host connected to pfsense and see it's path through my ISP to Google. When I ping any other IP on the host I get either request timed out or a reply from the pfsense lan ip saying ttl expired in transit.

    Is this a problem with pfsense or my ISP.

  • Who is your ISP? do you have your modem bridged? DSL, Cable or Fiber?

    More information on your network setup would be more helpful. If you are using DHCP for instance, I presume you're getting the IP from the modem and not the ISP, I also presume the modem is not bridged... but saying all that, I could be completely wrong.

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