Loader.conf.local deleted on restart

  • This is a double-up of https://forum.netgate.com/topic/130110/loader-conf-local-deleted-on-restart
    I have decided to start another thread instead of reincarnating an old one.

    I am trying to make the following additions to loader.conf:


    upon reboot, they're deleted. if I add them to loader.conf.local, the file is deleted.

    additionally, trying to change /etc/ttys to turn ttyu0 on (to allow virsh console access) is also reset on boot.

    I am running 2.4.3 - and have upgraded via terminal to 2.4.3_1 (which was the fix in the original post)

    What could be happening? I thought the .local files were never touched by an automated process?


  • Just as a follow-up, I reinstalled from the ISO and updated before any other config changes were made (save for the setup wizard at the beginning) and I'm getting the same problem.

    How on earth do I get console output to virsh? I can get it on the first boot, but then the files are over-written. Regardless, once the menu loads pfsense doesn't seem to allow ttyu input anyway; it displays the menu and expects entry only on the local console.

    That being said, there's a cursory mention in this github article that pfsense console redirection to virsh (at least for the installer) is a known problem.

    Very frustrating. Any help appreciated.

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    Why are you manually making that change?

    The console is managed by pfSense, which is why it changes those lines to match the config. Go to System > Advanced on the Admin Access tab and scroll to the bottom. Check Serial Terminal, and set Primary Console to Serial. That will have the same net effect as the edits you listed.

  • So, due to the peculiarities of my install I needed console access before an install was completed.

    As it happens, I was able to make a change and get the console output before pfSense loaded and over-wrote my configuration, which was just enough to get what I needed done.

    I will try other options to make this persistent as was mentioned in a previous post, but for a single-use I was able to make the change and use it the way I needed to.

    Hope this helps someone in future.

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