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  • Hello, currently i made some changes to my business shop and we went and change all the equipment (except router) to be capable of handling 1gb speed connection, however , since im using spectrum as ISP, the router that they provide is Not a Gigabyte one, so my question is, if i set the router to act as modem only and I install pfsense as vm machine on my dell r210ii server (1gb Nic), will i get 1gb speed on my LAN? sure right? thank you guys

  • Hello,

    maybe you should provide a network plan. If the NIC from your dell server is connected to a 100MBit NIC the connection is limited to 100MBit. Connection speed is negotiated between NICs.

  • My router is 100mbps, I’ll be disable routing on it and use as modem so it will connects to a dual intel 1gb nic on my server (one ins and one out for pfsense)!the whole point is to save money on router, but I think you are right, since the internet is coming from the modem, it will limited the speed to 100mbps,

  • If the router hardware isn't capable of more speed then 100 Mbit you will still be limited to that, even if you go over PPPoE.

  • @itechnify "Router to act as modem." <---This is a strange request. In general routers cannot be modems, although some router boxes have modem built-in. A pfsense box definitely cannot replace a modem.

    As usual, apply the BOTTLENECK rule, you final speed is limited by the slowest box in the pipe.

  • i got it sorted it out... the cable i was using was not good even thought it was a cat6, so now it works.
    PS: router can be a modem when it has built in modem capabilities, like spectrums
    cheers and thanks

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