What VPN Services Works with PLEX XBOX Web Chat online Port Forwarding

  • for Pfsense I looking for a VPN service that is good
    works with Xbox that gives you an OPEN NAT not a moderate
    allows Plex media server to work.
    allows web chat online for tech support
    allows port forwarding

    right now I was trying ?NordVPN they don't allow any of that... is there a service that does

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    Why would you need a VPN for that and how is that gonna work? For NAT to be "open" you'd have to disable almost any filtering between your endpoint/console/computer/whatever and the inet server, so don't see that as reasonable. Allowing all of your other points in addition I'm finding it unlikely that there is any VPN service that would run like what you have in mind.

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    No not really.. While there are some vpn that support port forwarding. All of them are going to have limits on the port forward. And pretty sure ZERO of them support static mapping of the ports which many console games require. ie in napt setup the source port is changed to use an open port on the public side.

    Plex can work just find with any vpn, you do not have to have unsolicited inbound traffic with plex. When remote access is used with plex when no inbound ports open then it uses indirect method so remote users can stream off your plex.

    Then again if you have no remote users of plex then all of that is moot.

    Your best solution for anything that requires unsolicited inbound traffic is simple policy routing.

    As to your webchat issue - webchat should not require unsolicited inbound traffic. So yeah webchat shouldn't matter either. But you would have to know the details of the protocol(s) being used for some specific webchat that is not working to know why your having a problem.

  • ah ok thanks for the reply... iike I don't care if xbox is behind vpn.. and nordvpn said they block local and web plex server from there email they sent.. as I unable to access my Plex now on my local network

    I was thinking
    of doing
    Modem -------> router/wifi---------->xbox (Open)
    -------->router(vpn)---------->rest of network protected by vpn

    now is this possible 2 routers coming off the router/modem 1 gets to stuff non protected by vpn and the other gets the vpn

    as xbox needs Open Nat to use voice/microphone over game play etc..
    I don't need plex to hit the internet as I only have a 5mpb download/300k upload so there is no point
    and I don't need port forwarding if the above idea would work... or if I can get plex to work on my local network again it doesn't wanna work bad luck lol..
    and I have websites on my 1 server id like outside world to access but they should be able to as its port 80

    and ya I not sure about protocols for webchat its just the ones you goto a website and there is a CHAT button on those websites like Radio Shack or Bell etc for customer support well it doesn't work anymore..

    but ya that is my idea I was driving home yesterday and thought that idea 2 routers
    and my modem is set in Bridge mode

    and how do you do this policy routing is that the Routing under the system tab??

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    Not sure what idiots are working at this nord place - but their vpn service has ZERO to do with access plex locally, and unless they block access outbound to the plex servers so you can not do indirect streaming they have zero to do with remote access via indirect.

    And again as stated you could just policy route so that plex doesn't use your vpn.

    You sure and the F do not need 2 routers.

    If you don't care about remote access to plex then just hit your plex server via is local FQDN or its IP..


    If you want to hit if via the normal plex way to login, your more than likely going to need this if your using unbound (default)



  • ah ok well only said 2 routers.. to keep Xbox One and 360 in OpenNat at all times while rest of network is behind VPN as nordvpn then told me they block Xbox Ones ports so it be Double Nat

    but I guess I can always turn off the VPN each time I wanna use the xbox to play online as you need open for voice chat
    I was just hoping to find a solution where your network is protected all the time with this vpn and have a open or I guess dmz for the xbox and possibly PS4 so its not blocked

    and I gonna have to reset my pfsense.. I can not access my plex server webgui on unraid.. Ill start fresh no vpn
    I appreciate the help so far most appreciative
    and ill try that settings for the plex
    as I don't need anything to hit the internet.. I just use plex on the xbox Ps4 and Roku... on computer I just access the unraid shares and my internet too slow to stream if I not home

    I really appreciate this help (:

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    You can even use your own local fqdn and certs from pfsense cert manager and your own CA if you want. If you set it up correctly


    Your going to want to use open ssl to assign a password... Here this took me 30 seconds to setup

    I would suggest you get your plex working how you want, with local access verified, etc. before doing anything with a vpn yes. Once you have that working then just setup your vpn.

  • ok thank you

  • As per OP's question What VPN Services Works with Plex/ Xbox. I would like to recommend a few such as NordVPN, Express VPN, PureVPN.
    I would like to refer the Best VPN for Plex as it also provides a guide on How to Watch Plex Channels with a VPN that supports Port Forwarding

    I hope the guide helps.